About Technical Properties

UV Resistance

Can PVC-O pipes be used above ground?

Yes. PVC-O pipes can be used above ground and can be stored or used outdoors. The top layer of the PVC-O pipe is affected but due to the layered structure of the pipe the damage does not go through and the performance of the pipe is not compromised.

pH Value

How non-corrosive is PVC-O?

Because the base of PVC-O is PVC, which is a highly neutral material, the pH value that PVC-O pipes can withstand is from 3 to 12.

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About Availiblity and Pricing


Are OPVC pipes manufactured in India?

Yes, our factory is located at Sriperumbudur, Chennai, India.

Who will supply the fittings?

We usually supply the relevant fitting as per order. Most of our fittings work on the same principle of push-jointing.

Price Competitiveness

Delivery Period

What is the usual delivery period?

On recipt of payment, orders are dispatched in under three days directly to the site. 550mm and 630mm have a slightly longer wait.


What are the payment terms?

FLOKING strictly follows a policy of cash and carry.

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About PVC-O


Why OPVC fittings are unavailable?

The technology for OPVC is still new and the OPVC fittings being developed by our technology partner Molecor are still in the initial stages i.e prototype. OPVC fittings will be available in the near future.

What kinds of fittings are used for OPVC Pipes?

OPVC Pipes are compatible with both UPVC and DI Fittings. If the pressure is above 15kg/cm2 we recommend to use DI fittings otherwise our UPVC fabricated fittings are tested and will do the job. Floking will supply both the kinds of fittings along the pipes to ensure quality.

Sizes Available

Why OPVC Pipes are not available in smaller sizes?

Orientation process is not possible in the lower diameter. Hence OPVC Pipes are available from 110mm only. 

What is the maximum size available for OPVC?

Upto 400mm. 500mm and 630mm sizes will have higher turnaround times.


What are the maximum lengths available?

FLOKING PVC-O is available in the industry standard 6m (20 ft) length (including spigot)


Is it possible to tamper with the EPDM rubber seals on site?

Rubber seals are factory fitted and any tampering with them will damage the rubber seals and render them unuseable. This ensures that the pipe you recieve is a top quality product that is free from any defects and with no scope for any form of tampering.


How much money will I save?

Though the prices of PVC-O pipes may at times be at par with competing materials, there are considerable savings to be had in the installation and running of PVC-O pipes. Contact us for more information.


What makes OPVC Pipes different than other PVC pipes?

The PVC pipe is altered at the molecular level to change the amorphous structure of UPVC into layered structure by Oriented process hence it is called O-PVC.

What is the maximum temperature that OPVC can withstand?

The softening point of OPVC is 82 deg C but we recommend usage upto 60 deg Celsius only. The ideal operating temperature for OPVC Pipes is from -25degrees to 60 degrees. 

What is the lifespan of OPVC Pipes?

Minimum of 50 years

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About Installation


Is it possible to integrate OPVC into other piping grids?

Yes, you just need to attach a flange to the other material pipe which can easily be connected to OPVC pipe.

What is support spacing required if laying is done above ground?

1 meter minimum spacing is required.


Is any kind of special bedding required while laying OPVC pipes?

No special bedding is required to lay OPVC pipes. Just the surface on which it is being layed should be free of sharp objects beneath the surface.

Loading & Unloading

Are any special tools needed to load and unload pipes?

No special tools are needed to handle FLOKING PVC-O pipes. In fact there is huge savings in the process as two people can unload and entire truckload without much hassle.


How does the push fit in OPVC Pipes work?

The Spigot end of the OPVC pipes comes with an integral EPDM rubber. The plain end of the pipe is inserted into the spigot end using a lubricant to facilitate joining; it’s a push fit joint. No solution is required.

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