High pressure handling

  • Up to 25 bars of pressure

  • Up to 2.1 meters / second flow

  • Up to 630mm diameters

Low cost installation

  • Up to 3 kms per day

  • Light weight requires lesser tools

  • Store it anywhere, throw it any way

Even lower running costs

  • 30% savings in pump electricity

  • 50+ years service life

  • Non-corrosive and anti-sedimentation

How does PVC become PVC-O?

PVC = Polyvinyl Chloride

The 'O' = Oriented



Molecular Orientation

The process of organising the molecule flow of a material to go in the same direction (much like combing hair). Orientation increases the mechanical properties of PVC pipe multifold.

See the layers when the pipe breaks? Layers are what gives PVC-O pipes its strength. Breaking PVC-O is like tearing a thick book.

Did you know PVC-O pipes have been around for nearly 65 years?

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